Professional Video Editor & Creator


My video editing portfolio

Below you will find some of my personal favourite videos I've ever edited, set up in their own specific categories! You can also find my 2018 show reel that covers all my best projects of this past year. I think these projects best display my editing abilities and showcase the skills I've gather while working as a freelance video editor!



gameplay videos

These videos are focused on gameplay, and best illustrate my ability to add to the basic gameplay provided without taking away from the footage. You'll notice certain parts are captioned, as well as many animations are added to make it more appealing to watch!



gaming montages

These videos are focused on gameplay highlights. They are essentially compilations where I take the gameplay, add music, and edit it to look as good as I can while still highlighting the footage and making it look as clean as I can!



real life/vlogs

These videos are all shot by myself on my DSLRs and show how I'm able to edit real life footage as opposed to just video game footage! These videos have shots from third person as well as first person point of views. There is also a decent amount of B-Roll!