Professional Video Editor & Creator


A lot of my free time is spent editing videos both for leisure and business. I've edited lots of videos for all sorts of brands, including FaZe Clan, KFC, Ghost Gaming, & other large gaming brands. I take on clients for freelance work when I have the time, if this interests you read the "Pricing" section below.


For Call of Duty, Fortnite, or other gaming montages I currently request that you contact me directly. Note that my prices are $10/Clip. Included in the edit is a motion tracked intro section similar to all of my other edits as well as all the cinematics in the video, also like other edits on my channel. Typical turn around time is within 2 weeks but it may be shorter/longer depending on my availability. If you want your edit done faster we can negotiate a rate where I will prioritize your edit, however this may not always be available. My prices are a direct reflection of my time, the harder pressed I am for time the more expensive it is. For other editing inquiries contact me separately and we can negotiate a price. For information about contacting me please read the "Contact" section below.


For all initial contact I prefer you email me at I try my best to reply to everyone in a timely manner, so you should see a response within 24 hours. Once you have contacted me and we have reached an agreement I will open our Twitter DMs (@Guhreen) and we will carry on contact through there. I request that you wait until you are ready to begin the project when you contact me as my prices & availability can change at any time. If you are a returning customer or we already have Twitter DMs open feel free to message me there, however email is the only way I will 100% see your inquiry.

Below I have showcased some of my favourite editing projects.
Feel free to browse them, others are located on my channel which is linked below!