Professional Video Editor & Creator


About Me

Hi, my name is Calvin Cameron, but most people on the internet know me as Green, a Video Editor/Creator that has been making content for nearly 7 years. I'm a full time editor and creator. Throughout all my social media I've managed to gather a following of over 57,000 people! Also check out my Twitter, I make nice memes. On my YouTube Channel I post a wide variety of gaming content. I mostly upload content about Fortnite Editing as well as the occasionally Highlight video with clips and funny moments from my time playing. To learn more about the types of videos I upload read the different sections below and view the examples linked! The best way to learn about my videos is watching them, and I'm sure if you're at all interested in gaming my videos will be able to entertain you!


Gaming montages

An extremely common type of video on my channel are my Montages. I edit most of my montages on my own with a few select videos edited by more talented editors than myself. I pride myself on the quality of the montages I upload so you can expect that if the clips are lacking the edit will make up for it or vice versa. I rarely use two of the same style song back to back so you can always expect a change in the feel of the montage from one video to another. Most of my montages at the moment are on Call of Duty: WWII but in the future you can expect some on Fortnite!

Editing tutorials

The series on my channel that tends to bring in the most views are my After Effects CC 2014 editing tutorials. I do my best to extend my knowledge of the program to as many people as possible by recording my screen as I edit videos. I share everything from basic effects to more complex methods I use to make the videos I upload to my channel. The series itself I named "After Effects for Nerds" and I started it back in 2015. I try to release 1-2 new tutorials every month however the number varies based on what else is going on. All the tutorials I have ever made are together in a playlist and to this day the series has reached a total of over 150,000 people. 

gaming highlights

Another extremely successful series on my channel are Highlight videos. I record clips over the course of a few weeks and save the best/most entertaining moments which I combine into a single video with my own live reactions, facecam and the live reactions of my friends in the discord server with me. My highlight videos are extremely high quality. I individually mix the audio for every clip included as well as a background song I add in post. I make sure to spend a great deal of time recording for these videos so that the gameplay included is as high quality as possible. All of these videos include at least one montage standard clip however they usually include a few.